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2009 Heluva Rukus Results ...

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SASS New York State Men’s Champion – Cartwheel
SASS New York State Ladies Champion – Southpaw Slingin' Sally

2009 SASS New York State Champions:  Cartwheel and Southpaw Slingin' Sally
2009 SASS New York State Champions: Cartwheel and Southpaw Slingin' Sally

Top 10 Overall:
1. James Samuel Pike
2. Quaker Hill Bill
3. Cartwheel
4. Timberland Renegade
5. Splinter Jack
6. Stormy Shooter
7. Rowdy Bill
8. Yukon Mike
9. Smokey Sue
10. Appaloosa Amy

Top Gun Overall:  James Samuel Pike
Top Gun Overall: James Samuel Pike

Trophy Winners by Class:

1st - Capt. Morgan Rum

Classic Cowboy
1st - Just Plain Larry

1st - The Gospel Gunslinger

1st - Patchogue Mike

FC Duelist:
1st - Gun E Bear

Frontier Cartridge:
1st - Scheriff Richie;

1st - Lostrider Calhoun

1st - Grazer

1st - Marshal Freeman

Senior Duelist:
1st - Bear Lee Tallable

Silver Senior:
1st - Rowdy Bill

Elder Statesman:
1st - Geriatric Kid

1st - Cartwheel

1st - James Samuel Pike

Young Gun:
1st - Lonesome Sam

Ladies Young Guns:
1st - Snazzy McGee

Ladies Duelist:
1st - Betty Jane Buckshot

Ladies 49'er:
1st - Annabelle Bransford

Ladies B-Western:
1st - Emma Goodcook

Ladies Frontier Cartridge:
1st - Miss Delaney Belle

Lady Wrangler:
1st - Appaloosa Amy

1st - Southpaw Slingin' Sally

Ladies Senior:
1st - Jolee

Ladies Silver Senior:
1st - Miss Tate

Grande Dame:
1st - Bonnie Dee

Stage Winners:
Stages 1, 8- Smokey Sue
Stages 3, 9 - Cartwheel
Stages 2, 4, 6, 7, 10 - James Samuel Pike
Stage 5 - Splinter Jack

Stage Winners.
Stage Winners.

Clean Shooters: James Samuel Pike, Stormy Shooter, Rowdy Bill, Scheriff Richie, The Gospel Gunslinger, One Shot Will Travel, Peddler Jack, Wyatt Hurts, Cayuse, Dirty Deadeye Don, Tommy Sharps, Beaver Trapper, Myrtle Wells, Barrister Bill, Bonnie Dee, Lawman, Capt. Dan Roberts, Nantucket Dawn, Pioche Jack Santee, Shatagee Trapper, Deathwish Kid, Dollar Dan, Lonesome Trailsman, Wheels Cartwright, R. L. Trooper, Feany Valentine, Roy Cassidy, Leadnose Calhoun, Ranger Sgt. Jake McCandless

Side Event Winners (Men’s / Ladies):
Speed Pistol (2-Handed): Cartwheel / Stormy Shooter
Speed Pistol (Duelist): Smilin’ Pete / Nantucket Dawn
Speed Pistol (Gunfighter):Grazer / Mustang Megs
Speed Rifle: Jimmy Spurs / Appaloosa Amy
Speed Shotgun (Pump): Cartwheel / Mustang Megs
Speed Shotgun (Double Barrel): Smokey Sue / Snazzy McGee
Speed Shotgun (Lever Action): Peacemaker Reb / N/A
Speed Derringer: Rowdy Bill / N/A
Speed Pocket Pistol (Single Action): Ben Cooley / N/A
Speed Pocket Pistol (Double Action): Rowdy Bill / N/A
.22 Rifle (Gallery Shoot): Jess Lucky / Dallas Rose
.22 Rifle (Aspirin Shoot): John S. Books / Big Sky Di
.22 Pistol: Major E. A. Sterner / Quarter Horse Kim
Mini-Stage (2-handed): James Samuel Pike / Appaloosa Amy
Mini-Stage (Duelist): Smilin’ Pete / Nantucket Dawn
Mini-Stage (Gunfighter): Grazer / N/A
Mini-Stage (Black Powder): Doc McCoy / N/A
Wild Bunch: Just Plain Larry / N/A
Long Range Rifle (Open): Irascible Curmudgeon / N/A
Long Range Rifle (Single Shot): Blackhands / Three Barrel Chris
Long Range Rifle (Black Powder): Blackhands / N/A
Long Range (Lever Action Rifle Caliber): Gunsmoke Gus / Three Barrel Chris
Long Range (Lever Action Pistol Caliber): Chelsea Kid / Dallas Rose
Long Range Pistol (Duelist): Doc Savage / N/A
Long Range Pistol (2-handed): Chelsea Kid / N/A

Top Gun Team Event Winners: Blackhands and Mustang Megs

Top Gun Team Shoot-off Winners:  Blackhands and Mustang Megs
Top Gun Team Shoot-off Winners: Blackhands and Mustang Megs

Costume Contest Winners:
Best Young'un - Teton Fox
Best Townsperson (Female) - No Nonsense Nancy
Best Townsperson (Male) - Ivory Thunder
Best Working Cowgirl - Wild Sage
Best Working Cowboy - Quaker Hill Bill
Best B-Western: Wyatt Hurts
Best Classic Cowboy: Ranger Sgt. Jake McCandless

Costume Contest Winners
2009 Costume Contest Winners.

Special Raffle Winners:
Doug Turnbull Handgun ($2400 value) – Shamrock Shelly
Cowboy Gunworks 1897 Shotgun with Jimmy Spurs Action Job – R. L. Trooper
450 Marlin Rifle (donated by Remington) – Beyond Redemption
EMF Blackpowder Pistol – O.K. Fracas
Custom Knife (donated by Lupare Chenz) – Abe the Crippler
Americase Ruff Rider Rifle Case – Latigo Means
S&W 1911 Semi-Auto Pistol – Abe the Crippler

Contribution to Milton Eagles Volunteer Fire Dept. - $1,350;

Contribution to SASS Scholarship Fund - $1,350

Special Appreciation (Cowboy-Up) Awards: Always Willin’, Whiskey Brooks, Deathwish Kid, Suggs Jr., Gusty Ten-Pings, Sheffield Kid, Ol’ Scratch, C. W. Moss, Sassparilla Will, Flat Nose Drifter, Wheels Cartwright, Kate Cartwright, Marshal Cartwright, Capt. Cletus Justice, Homer Suggs, Mange E. Coyote, L. T. Cool, Mo Lasses, Yukon Mike.

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Blacksmith Shop
Blacksmith Shop

Boot Hill
Boot Hill

Indian Village
Indian Village

Stage 3
Stage 3

Stage 6
Stage 6

Stage 7
Stage 7

Stage 8
Stage 8

Stage 9
Stage 9

Examples of Trophies
Examples of Trophies

2009 Sponsors & Vendors
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Presenting Sponsors
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Lupare's Custom Knives
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Marble Arms 906-428-3710
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Smith & Wesson 800-331-0852

Stage/Side Event Sponsors
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G & J Leather
The Dude Bandit
Sassparilla Will
Baldhead Bullets
NC Ordnance
Adirondack Jack's Trading Post
CS & CI Railroad
Wooden Works West
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E.M.F. Co. Inc.
The Great Nor'easter
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Lone Feather Studio
Lost Target Shooting Supplies
South End Powder Coating
Wild West Mercantile

Vendors & Door Prizes
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The Blanket Brigade
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P. T. Litewell's Heliographic Emporium
Gunpowder Creek Trading Post
Peacepipe Leather Trading Co.
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Doug Turnbull Restoration
Moulton Lead
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